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My SAN's Bigger than Your SAN

Compaq Computer Corp. (NYSE: CPQ) has trumped Nishan Systems Inc.'s U.S. coast-to-coast SAN with the demonstration of the world's first global storage network using the Internet and Fibre Channel technologies (see Compaq Hooks up Global SANS).

Compaqs demo links a Fibre Channel SAN between Colorado Springs, Colorado; Sydney, Australia; and Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Nishan and a band of friends (all major competitors of Compaq), just took the wraps of what they claim is the biggest SAN ever (see IP Storage Coast-to-Coast).

Compaq thinks it has won this round. "We didn't mean to steal their thunder," said a Compaq spokesperson, "but it appears that we have."

Depends on one's perspective. Extending SANs across long distances may be the name of the game in demos right now, but a recent Byte and Switch poll found that not many folk are all that interested in the concept at present (see Metro, Wide, or None?).

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