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Mozilla Unveils New Firefox 2.0 Alpha

The Mozilla Foundation late Friday released the second alpha version of its newest Firefox browser to developers for testing.

Dubbed "Bon Echo Alpha 2," the rough-around-the-edges browser will eventually be renamed Firefox 2.0 when it's polished and launched later this year.

As with Alpha 1 when it debuted in late March, Mozilla stressed that the pre-release edition wasn't suitable for the average user.

"We do not recommend that anyone other than developers and testers download this Alpha 2 milestone release," wrote Christopher Beard, Mozilla's vice president of products, on the browser's developer forum.

Alpha 2's release notes spelled out changes in the new version, including close buttons on all tabs, a search plug-in manager to more easily add and remove engines from the search box, and a browser restore feature that recovers Bon Echo and all tabs if the application crashes or freezes.

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