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Most IT Pros Are Looking For A New Job, Says Survey

Itching for a job change? You've got plenty of company. Sixty percent of IT pros are looking for new jobs, according to a new survey.

Of the 60% who want a new job, 27% are "actively" searching; 52% are "somewhat actively" looking, and 20% say they're "not very actively" hunting for new work, according to an online survey of 1,000 IT workers by the Computing Technology Industry Association, an IT industry member organization.

Most of those IT pros are looking for greener pastures—73% cited the desire for better pay as the main reason for their search. Forty percent are looking for better benefits.

But money isn't everything, right? Two-thirds also say they are looking for new jobs because their current positions offered no advancement opportunities. And 58% say they are looking for new challenges. Thirty-four percent of the job-searching respondents complain that their managers don't respect or value the work they do.

"Now that help-wanted ads are getting a little bulkier, many more IT workers are willing to explore other options," says a CompTIA spokesman.

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