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More Info On TCP Security Risk

While security experts now try to downplay the risk of the TCP Reset Attack revealed earlier this week, InternetWeek's David Fiedler reports in this feature piece
that the vulnerability may have been known much earlier, and that government bodies kept the news under wraps while they warned major network service providers.

From the wondering out loud dept., do such covert actions protect better than instant widespread news about security problems? And who is on the list of networks to get first warning? Sounds like we haven't heard the last of this story.

Outsourcing Pipeline Launches

Instead of weak arguments about Benedict Arnold
CEOs, the good folks at TechWeb have created a place to gain valuable information about outsourcing -- the new Outsourcing Pipeline, run by Don St. John (a name familiar to Networking Pipeline readers, since he pens our weekly networking features).

While outsourcing (particularly the offshore kind) continues to be a political hot potato, IT professionals know that outsourcing is a valuable tool, when used for proper strategic purposes. And now, we've got a Pipeline to focus on this important topic.