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Moonwalk Chases CAS With Caringo

Moonwalk ramped up its data migration efforts today by teaming up with content addressable storage (CAS) specialist Caringo.

Australian startup Moonwalk touts its eponymous software as a way for users to move files around a LAN without the use of middleware. It is now tying this technology to Caringos CAStor clustered storage software.

“We’re familiar with each other’s technologies,” says Peter Harvey, the Moonwalk CEO, alluding to the existing certification deal between the two firms. “What we’re announcing is the combination of these two technologies together as a solution.”

Caringo is pushing the CAStor software as a way to turn commodity x86 servers into a low-cost storage cluster, although shifting data between different parts of this infrastructure has not always been easy.

By partnering with Moonwalk, the vendors now claim the ability to quickly migrate an entire CAS-based storage repository to a new hardware platform. “The Moonwalk software links with Caringo across the network,” says Harvey, adding that CAStor can shave up to 90 percent off users’ primary storage costs.

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