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A Moment of Veritas

Latin may be a long-dead language, but Veritas lives on in the storage networking market.

For those unfamiliar with one of the oldest of old-school lingos, veritas is the Latin for "truth" – as in the phrase, in vino veritas, which is what people said 2,700 years ago when they talked about getting hammered.

Today, veritas with a small "v" is hard to find with or without the aid of fermented grape juice, but there's one big-V Veritas that’s easy to spot: Veritas Software Corp. (Nasdaq: VRTS) is at the top of the ratings list in Heavy Reading's Fall 2003 Storage Networking Market Perception Report.

In the survey, 380 buyers and users of storage area network hardware and software rated 135 different vendors on five key market perception criteria: name recognition, price leadership, product performance, product quality and reliability, and service and support. Surveys were taken for ten different SAN product categories: SAN storage systems (Fibre Channel and IP), NAS systems, tape libraries, Fibre Channel switches (fabric and director-class), host bus adapters (Fibre Channel and IP), SAN extension equipment (DWDM/CWDM, Sonet/SDH, and IP), hard disk drives, backup and recovery software, SAN management software, and storage resource management software.

Survey respondents were asked only about vendors in the product categories in which they had decision-making purchasing power or in which they claimed familiarity with products. All responses from SAN vendors were weeded out of the final results. (See the report's Executive Summary for more information about the survey base.)

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