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Mimosa Talks Up Email Losses

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- With millions of emails now allegedly missing from the White House and Republican National Committee (RNC) servers, email archiving solutions have been elevated to the national spotlight as a mission-critical technology that can guarantee that organizations, both government and business, capture and preserve historical email and provide reliable access to all archived email.

Today's email archiving solutions can capture a copy of email continuously from email servers and preserve all historical email in separate servers.
These email archive servers are designed to keep all email, sent and received by users in the organization, cost-effectively for the period of time defined by the organization's retention policies- typically three to seven years. In addition, there are next-generation email archiving solutions available today that also retain other important information stored in messaging systems such as calendar appointments and contact listings.

"The last five to 10 years has seen dramatic growth in the use of email not just in corporations but also in government," said T.M. Ravi, president and CEO of Mimosa Systems, a developer of award-winning, next-generation email archiving solutions. "Email archiving solutions are the only reliable and cost-effective way to keep email. They have become a 'must have' solution for organizations to preserve historical email and enable search and recovery in the event of legal discovery or litigation."

Mimosa Systems Inc.