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Mimosa Makes CDP Move

Email archiving specialist Mimosa will take the wraps off the latest version of its software tomorrow, beefing up its CDP capabilities and adding support for instant messaging and desktop archiving. (See Mimosa Adds $17M.)

The startup is pushing NearPoint 3.0 as a way for firms to improve their e-discovery efforts. (See Mimosa Supports Exchange, Energizing Exchange, Zantaz Enhances E-Discovery, Packaged Approach to E-Discovery, and Law Firm Taps Index Engines.)

Specifically, Mimosa is adding the ability to perform CDP and archiving of data held on public folders, a feature of Exchange which let administrators share files amongst designated end users. (See CDP Gets Broad Makeover.) The vendor claims that this will enable firms to quickly search the content in the event of a legal dispute.

At least one user says that he is keen to get his hands on this feature. "That is definitely a big advantage," says Andrew Gahm, network architect at Marlton, New Jersey-based Virtua Health, adding that he will now be able to search his public folders in exactly the same way that he searches his Exchange archive.

The exec, who is looking to deploy NearPoint 3.0 at the end of the month, explains that there are currently "a couple of Gbytes" of storage on his public folders. "It's a lot of data to recover if you lose it," he says, explaining that NearPoint 3.0 will now keep copies of this data, even if end-users delete it.

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