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Mimosa Bows Archiving

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Mimosa Systems, a leader in live content archiving solutions, today unveiled Mimosa NearPoint File System Archiving (FSA), a powerful archiving option that enables users to retain, retrieve and recover critical, free-range files alongside millions of emails, attachments, instant messages, and content from backup tapes stored in an integrated content-aware archive. Built on the award-winning Mimosa NearPoint platform, this new offering provides Mimosa customers with the most advanced content archive that addresses critical requirements for storage optimization, end-user information access, eDiscovery, content monitoring, and recovery in a single solution.

The widespread growth of unmanaged, free-range electronic files, such as Microsoft® Office files, Adobe® PDF files, and others, creates a critical challenge for enterprises trying to control storage costs, maintain content according to their retention and deletion policies, and find and preserve these files in the face of stringent discovery requirements.

Mimosa NearPoint FSA moves files from premium production storage to lower cost archive storage. FSA utilizes advanced stubbing technology that coordinates the use of network and backup processes while preserving the look and feel of the original file that was stored on the production disk. End-users can access the files as they normally would, while administrators see immediate benefits of storage reduction and optimized primary storage performance.

Mimosa FSA allows enterprises to significantly reduce storage costs while improving storage management and the backup efficiency of file servers containing thousands of free-range files. Legal staff can now rapidly search both files and email with a single search query, and preserve these files in place, lowering the cost of collection, and facilitating a quick export to downstream review or analytics applications.

"Mimosa NearPoint FSA promises to deliver advanced information archiving for retention, electronic discovery, auditing and access, further aligning our IT systems with core operational requirements," said Bruce Lorimer, Information Systems Supervisor for the County of Madera. "With the NearPoint archiving solution in place, we will be able to satisfy legal and operational demands for a more compliant and efficient organization."

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