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Microsoft Plans Browser Upgrade

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  • The growth in IE's competition has been fascinating to watch. In the old days of 28.8- and 33.6-Kbps modems, downloading an alternative browser was a painful task rarely undertaken by end users. But with the rapid growth of broadband access, plus IE's security problems, Mozilla's Firefox has begun to chip away at IE's dominance: Estimates now show Firefox with 5 percent to 10 percent of the browser market.

    Firefox's modularized and extensible framework--providing a variety of add-on functionality, from ad blocking and download management to ways to keep tabs on Abe Vigoda--has been a boon for users. Its tabbed presentation, a lesson learned from Opera, has become the darling de jour of users.

    Obviously, Microsoft knows a competitor when it sees one. With Longhorn's release date pushed back more times than Nortel's financial results have been recalculated, Microsoft must update its browser--or risk a continued slide in market share.

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