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Marathon, TimeSpring Team

LITTLETON, Mass. -- Marathon Technologies Corporation, the leading provider of high availability software for Microsoft Windows® environments, announced today an alliance with TimeSpring®, the leading provider of true continuous data protection software for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and NTFS. Capitalizing on the strengths of their product lines, Marathon and TimeSpring have met a significant market need for high availability and disaster recovery solutions that work seamlessly together for businesses of any size. The combination of Marathon’s everRun line of high availability solutions and TimeSpring’s TimeData® continuous data protection software allows customers to cost-effectively configure the most robust IT environment possible using off-the-shelf servers and storage. Both product lines have been fully tested and proven to work together to provide companies with the highest level of availability and protection for their application, data, networks and operating systems, even in the event of a disaster.

TimeSpring’s award winning CDP software, TimeData, automatically captures all changes to application data in real-time so users can recover from data loss, corruption or security breaches within minutes, not hours or days. TimeData eliminates data protection gaps, scheduling requirements, system slowdowns and backup windows, making it the most usable and application-intelligent backup tool available. “We chose to partner with TimeSpring because of its proven approach to providing the highest level of continuous data protection and application-consistency,” said Gary R. Phillips, president and CEO of Marathon Technologies. “This alliance provides companies with the confidence that even in the event of a disaster they can be protected against any application downtime and data loss.”

Marathon’s everRun line of high availability products protects Microsoft Windows applications from leading sources of downtime while eliminating the need for costly and complex failover processes, specialized applications or proprietary server hardware. For instance, everRun FT synchronizes two unmodified Windows servers to create a virtual application environment that runs on both of them simultaneously. If one server fails, the other server will enable the application to continue running without interruption. Turnkey automation and simplicity are the cornerstones of the everRun line, which uses embedded intelligent policy management to resolve faults and failures. The primary benefit to the end user is that applications continue to ComputeThru® platform faults and failures, without needing to modify or script the application for cluster-awareness.

“Recovering a server and its applications to full working order can be a huge, if not impossible task for organizations without a failover and continuous data protection system,” said Janae Lee, president and CEO of TimeSpring. “Real-time businesses cannot afford downtime or data loss. We are delighted to partner with Marathon Technologies, whose expertise in delivering comprehensive high availability solutions is unsurpassed. The Marathon-TimeSpring software combination provides organizations of all sizes with easy-to-use, integrated software solutions that keep applications and data highly available and accessible.”

Marathon Technologies Corp.

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