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MacGyver Methods

Special thanks to Marcus Bolton, Chuck Church, Erik Dauplaise, Ken Graham, Gary Hoke, Mark Jass, Bob Kokinda, William Kujawa, Steve Matheson, David G. Miller and Delon Weuve for their submissions. For more techno-brilliance, see our extended list of reader submissions.

We asked you to pontificate and illuminate, to dispel the IT darkness with your own IT truisms. You did not disappoint. Wittgenstein, Sartre, Jung--they've got nothing on you. Here, we bring you our five favorite reader-submitted IT maxims:

"Whenever you have software controlling hardware, you're gonna have problems." --Brent Short

"No matter how many times you've saved the company tons of money in recovered data or uptime, the one time you got caught playing Quake will always come up during your salary review." --Jim Kiley

"We have a name for IT professionals who have not experienced a catastrophic loss of data: inexperienced." --John Crighton

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