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Luminex Delivers 8-Gig FICON

RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- Luminex announced today that their Channel Gateway mainframe virtual tape products are now available with 8GB/s FICON speeds. Luminex is the worlds first company to offer the latest advancements in FICON speeds and with this announcement continues to demonstrate its mainframe technology leadership.

As organizations begin to implement the latest datacenter networking technologies, Luminex offers its customers the ability to immediately extend these benefits to mainframe data. Mainframe tape storage products often have an operational life of a decade or more. Implementing anything other than the most advanced technology today can result in long-term use of antiquated technology during the life of the product.

“All mainframe customers should demand roadmaps and delivery commitments for 8GB/s FICON from any mainframe virtual tape vendor they consider to ensure long-term product viability in their datacenter,” according to Art Tolsma, CEO of Luminex. “Luminex continues to demonstrate our commitment to providing mainframe customers with best of breed technology, products, and service.”

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