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LTO Reaches Milestone

SILICON VALLEY, Calif. -- Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Program, a technology developed jointly by HP, IBM Corporation and Quantum Corp, today announced new shipment figures that demonstrate LTO technologys continued strong upward trajectory with over 100 million cartridges shipped since the format’s inception in September 2000. To put this in context, the storage capabilities of all LTO generations equates to over 40 exabytes of compressed cartridge capacitya, or about 40 trillion books – equivalent to the number of books in over 1 million Libraries of Congress.

The LTO format has also seen continued growth related to tape drives, with shipments now exceeding 2.5 million tape drives since format inception, and almost a million new drives shipping since Q3 2006.
“Customers are continuing to harness the unique benefits of tape to achieve low cost of ownership, maintain green energy efficiencies and provide optimal security,” said Bob Wilson, Vice President, Storage Platforms Division, HP. “LTO tape technology delivers versatile, reliable and high-performance solutions that can help streamline the data protection process for businesses of all sizes.”

Linear Tape Open (LTO)