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LTO Announces Licenses

SILICON VALLEY, Calif. -- Continuing the support of their multi-generation roadmap, HP, IBM Corp. and Quantum Corp., the three technology provider companies (TPCs) for the Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Program, today announced the availability of enhanced package licenses for LTO Ultrium format Generation 5.

Subscribers to the new Generation 5 License will receive similar benefits of previous generation enhanced package licenses. In addition, the TPCs have provided for the ability of licensees to gain insight on the emerging tape specification through a series of regular discussions surrounding the specification development. This visibility into the specification is intended to help enhance licensees product development programs.

“LTO technology supports security, portability, high capacity and performance, and tape offers energy and cost savings for long term archiving,” said Rob Clark, senior director, removable storage solutions for Quantum. “The availability of the new Generation 5 license is intended to help licensees provide their customers with the most advanced tape storage and data protection solutions.”

Linear Tape Open (LTO)