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LSI Wins Gigantesque Deal

LSI Logic Storage Systems Inc. beat out several larger competitors to land a massive contract with Compagnie Gnérale de Géophysique (CGG), a French technology firm serving the oil exploration industry that expects to buy 1 petabyte of ATA-based disk storage from LSI in the next 12 months (see CGG Picks LSI Logic Storage).

The companies did not disclose the financial terms of the deal. However, assuming that LSI is charging at least 1 cent per Mbyte for its systems, the CGG contract would be worth -- at a minimum -- $10 million.

Paris-based CGG provides a range of seismic data acquisition, processing, and geoscience services and software to clients in the oil and gas industry, including BP, Exxon Mobil Corp., and Royal Dutch/Shell Group.

The company requires huge amounts of data storage for the seismic images it provides to customers and currently has around 3 petabytes (3,000 Tbytes) of data on LTO tape cartridges, served by an Advanced Digital Information Corp. (Nasdaq: ADIC) tape autoloader to several thousand clustered Unix servers.

Guillaume Cambois, executive VP of data processing and reservoir services at CGG, says the company wanted to move to a higher-performance storage infrastructure. "We've been pressed by clients to deliver data faster, so we've pushed to reduce the turnaround time," he says.

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