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LR Surveys Security Appliances

Light Reading today published a report that sets in motion the development of another interactive directory, this time covering network security appliances: Who Makes What: Security Appliances.

As with other Who Makes What projects, the report invites readers to comment on the way Light Reading intends to classify security products, and to point out omissions in a list of suppliers.

Unlike previous Who Makes What projects, the report isn't set out as a series of product categories, one per page, because security products often combine multiple functions.

Instead, it invites vendors to download a questionnaire and categorize their own products according to three criteria:

  • Target customer
  • Primary security function(s) or type(s)
  • The security threat(s) targeted by the product

The results of this exercise will be used to create a comprehensive directory of security appliances on Light Reading, similar to the Ethernet and IP Services Software directories launched this week (see Light Reading Launches Directories).

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