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LR Reports on Video Paydays

NEW YORK -- CMP Technology's Light Reading (, the world's leading online publication for the telecommunications industry, today published a new report -- "Online Video: Show Us the Money."

The report is a look at how the frontrunners in online video sharing are rewarding content producers and allowing everyday Internet users to post their videos, find an audience, and -- sometimes -- cash in on their popularity.

A lot is at stake for telecommunications carriers as online video's popularity soars. Light Reading tracks online video as a major communications market, one that's spurring investment in storage, content delivery networks (CDNs), consumer electronics, and high-speed bandwidth connections.

This new report is free and can be found online here.

"Online video sharing has spread like a virus, and a select few have made tens of thousands of dollars thanks to some innovative video-sharing Websites," says Phil Harvey, Managing Editor for Light Reading. "Some sites aim for well-defined niches, while others require a huge audience. This report details what the differences are, and shows how a site's business model might fatten -- or flatten -- a consumer's wallet."

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