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Long time no update...

Apologies for the down time - there hasn't been a lot going on with NWC Inc. specifically, except for some testing until today.
Bruce Boardman is currently in the throes of a review of Web SLA managers and it beating hard upon the NWC Inc. infrastructure. I am working on another review of products within the infrastructure and, of course, that means that things have gone wrong.
I spent a good portion of the morning rebooting the application server and removing code from the PHP based front end to stop the calls to our .NET application that handles shipping updates. The machine must have been rebooted at some point, because the ASP.NET State Service was not started and when I tried to start it, it errored out on "bad login".

But it's never been touched! It was installed and configured by Microsoft's installation program - why did it fail now? I fixed the login information and started the service but alas and alack - the .NET apps still aren't running and, quite frankly, the level of debug information available is about as helpful as a hot cup of tea at noon on a mid-summer's day in Texas.

But the rest of NWC Inc. is up and running happily again, without interacting with the .NET applications. Since Steven and I are off to lovely Syracuse, NY to meet with our fellow Network Computing staffers this week, the .NET app will have to wait until we return.

If you're bored while we're gone, take a trip over to Network Computing's site and follow the links to Bruce Boardman's review - you can help us out and possibly win a cool toy from 3Com.
What are you waiting for? Go go go!