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Letters: Trustbusting

Total Linux

In response to Jonathan Feldman's "Total Linux" article (Feb. 5, 2004), I have two questions. First, is there a rules checklist to follow when deploying Linux? Second, has Linux ever been used to support airline reservation software?
Senior Managing Director
DeLugo Technologies LLC
[email protected]

Jonathan Feldman replies:

Plenty of task-specific checklists exist. For example, there are security-lockdown documents from various sources, as well as application-deployment checklists.

Alaska Airlines recently switched its online travel planning and pricing engine to an Intel-based system running Linux. Lufthansa's ticketing Web site relies on Linux Apache/PHP, and United Airlines uses Apache (open source) on Solaris (proprietary). Alitalia recently replaced its airfare search engine with a system from ITA Software that supports Linux and other operating systems.

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