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Letters: Don't Alter Kernel

Don't alter Kernel

Thank you, Don MacVittie, for your interesting Sneak Preview of Microsoft Data Protection Manager ("DPM Breaks New Ground" Sept. 22). I have a question concerning an application one of my consultancy clients needs that's targeted for Microsoft Data Center Server 2003, a product used to manage DPM, on Unisys 3S7000. The systems integrator is saying that "for performance reasons," it plans to "modify the operating system" for the application.

It's been a long time since I've heard of any vendor advocating modification of a native OS to boost performance or achieve goals not supported by the OS. I've been all over Microsoft's OEM partner site and haven't read anything about using Data Center Server as an OEM product. Not even its predecessor, Data Center Server 2000, was ever available as a shrinkwrapped product; you had to have Microsoft services to implement it.

Have you ever heard of any vendor wanting to tweak the Windows kernel in order to support its application? Sounds risky.

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