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LeCroy Unveils Analyzer

MILPITAS, Calif. -- LeCroy Corporation, a leading supplier of serial data test solutions, announces support for 6Gbps SAS and SATA speeds with the introduction of its Avalanche protocol analyzer. Companies that are leading the way with 6Gbps product offerings will find the Avalanche to be an invaluable tool in developing and debugging their products because this system eliminates the need to decode transactions manually and helps find problems faster.

Avalanche runs the highly-regarded SASSuite and SATASuite™ analyzer software for SAS and SATA protocol traffic. Users can take advantage of power and flexible triggering, and pre-filtering options found in the analyzer software. These options allow users to isolate their searches to intermittent issues that might otherwise take many hours or even days to find. The post-processing reporting and search tools of Avalanche enable users to find what they need in very large trace files. The system is capable of raw bit recording, giving users the ability to analyze traffic at the lowest possible level.

“The Avalanche analyzer from LeCroy enables the development of the next-generation of SAS and SATA solutions,” said Mark Adams, product marketing manager, Protocol Solutions Group, LeCroy Corporation. “By providing the capability to analyze protocol traffic at 6Gbps speeds, LeCroy is accelerating the migration to these higher-performance interfaces.”

LeCroy Corp.