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Law Firm Offers DR Proof

When it comes to disaster recovery, the network engineering manager at law firm Pillsbury Winthrop LLP likes to see the evidence.

Albert Ganzons staff conducts semiannual failover tests to make sure they can retrieve data in a worst-case scenario. It's always worked so far -- as much because of the planning as the technology.

To build his case, Ganzon installed WANSynch software from startup XOsoft in the middle of 2003 (see XOsoft Turns Back Time and XOSoft Readies Replication). Then he started testing again. “We’ve done failover to make sure we go through the exact process, and our lawyers will be able to keep working,” Ganzon says.

The tests have gone well. “We’ve done it with minimal impact on the user. Of course, there’s a few minutes they can’t get to the primary server, but they get it right back.”

Ganzon says he chose WANSyncHA over SRDF from EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) and Microsoft Corp.'s (Nasdaq: MSFT) clustering product because it provides a synchronized replica of any server that can automatically take over if that server goes down.

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