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Latest Red Hat Delivers Key Apps

Divide and Conquer

The installation program automatically partitions the available space on hard drives to install Red Hat Linux most efficiently. Novice users usually have trouble understanding partitioning on Linux, but Red Hat has made the concept much easier to grasp. I found the installation classes and groupings of open-source software packages well-thought-out and replete with useful descriptions.

At this step in the installation program, you can choose which features to install or you can select the custom grouping and install your own groups of packages.

Users typically install Red Hat Linux 9 from CD-ROM media, but the software also can be installed via FTP, HTTP and NFS (Network File System), more common methods for enterprise customers distributing the operating system to multiple machines. These latter methods let administrators roll in security fixes, software updates and local software packages during the installation. And advanced users can take advantage of Kickstart files, which provide answers to common questions and eliminate the need to stand in front of the computer for hours. Customized disk partitioning, logical volume and software RAID can be installed using the included Disk Druid disk-partition software.

Red Hat Linux 9 implements firewalls using kernel network filtering. Relying on host-based firewalls is a common way to prevent unauthorized access to the host machine while allowing all outgoing and requested incoming connections, such as software downloads, e-mail retrieval and Web browsing.

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