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Lancope's StealthWatch System 5


• Doesn't need signatures to detect attacks
• Dashboard lets you know what's happening immediately
• Management console consolidates views from many devices
• Full packet capture for detailed analysis and anomaly detection



• Requires advanced network protocol knowledge
• Additional training required to learn comprehensive features and settings

• Additional appliances needed to collect netflow and sflow data

StealthWatch System 5.0, starts at $9,995. Lancope, (888) 419-1462, (770) 225-6500.

I installed the SWA in the Institute of Food and Agricultural Services (IFAS) server room next door to the University of Florida Real-World Labs® to test how it would handle traffic in a production environment. Initial setup through a simple menu system was complete after configuring the IP for the management port, SWA host and domain name, DNS servers and trusted hosts allowed to manage the SWA.

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