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Labcyte Implements Data Domain

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Data Domain, a leading provider of Enterprise Protection Storage systems for disk backup and network-based disaster recovery, today announced that Labcyte Inc., a world leader in acoustic droplet ejection technology
for pharmaceutical and life science applications, has implemented
Data Domain's Enterprise Protection Storage to protect its valuable
data, which includes imaged customer solution configurations. Using
Data Domain, Labcyte has achieved fast restores of sizeable files,
six months of retention time for backup data sets, and the confidence
of knowing that their operational data and customer configurations
are reliably protected and quickly retrievable.

Labcyte has moved from tape-based solutions, to disk backup and then,
ultimately, to Data Domain's deduplicating enterprise protection
storage appliances. The company's initial move from tape to disk
backup was due to both capacity growth and concern over tape media as
a reliable backup vehicle. The IT team at Labcyte found that disk
was more reliable than tape, but continued growth of their primary
storage triggered sharp growth of their backup data capacity
requirements. When their retention time dipped under two weeks,
Labcyte contacted Data Domain.

Labcyte IT Manager Lisa Hazen explains, "Thankfully, we've been off
tape backup for some time now. All of our data is important, but
before we ship our systems, we image customer system configurations
and retain them on site, so our backups are particularly important --
they can literally be an element of our customer support delivery.
Our first move from tape was to disk backup, but our business began
to grow rapidly, and continuing to buy disk to keep up with backup
data growth was becoming an expensive proposition. Unless you have
data deduplication, you're caught in this endless cycle of having to
maintain five to ten times the amount of your primary storage for
backups. With Data Domain, we've been able to arrest that cycle of
exponential backup growth."

Data Domain Inc.