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Kill The Spyware Scourge

Providing anti-virus protection for networks and PCs has been second nature for years for network administrators. But unfortunately, they're ignoring what is turning into as big a threat -- spyware.

Part of the problem is that up until recently, there haven't been enterprise-wide anti-spyware tools, although as we show this week in a quick review of five anti-spyware apps, that's changing.

Another reason for network administrators ignoring the danger is that spyware has been seen as a nuisance rather than as a threat, and one that's seen as being isolated on user desktops.

But spyware is here to stay, and the problem is getting worse. And network administrators ignore it at their own peril. They shouldn't count on government action to help, because legislation may make the problem worse.

So shat should network administrators do? Here are a few simple steps you can take today to protect yourself:

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