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A Key to Security

5:50 PM -- NeoScale plans to support PKCS#11, a protocol generated by RSA (now part of EMC) that controls encryption keys generated by multiple third-party applications or devices.

Example: If I'm using NeoScale's CryptoStor KeyVault to protect my SAN, but I'd previously installed open systems tape encryption from another vendor, mainframe tape encryption from a third, and disk drive encryption from still a fourth, I can manage all the storage access via KeyVault.

The "key" here is that I could use KeyVault to enforce policies about access and to centralize control over security for "data at rest." Get the picture?

NeoScale also claims to be "working closely" with the IEEE P1619.3 committee to create links between multiple key managers and encryption devices.

NeoScale's vision sounds great, and it's tough to argue with standards efforts, but there aren't any partners in the loop just yet. For now, the nirvana of central encryption control remains a castle in the air.

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