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Kerio Launches UTM For Network Security

Kerio Technologies is launching Kerio Control, a unified threat management system that offers multiple security features in a single product. Based on Kerio's WinRoute firewall, Control adds intrusion detection/protection based on the open-source Snort software. Other new features include the ability to allow data traffic based on MAC addresses, as well as an embedded Sophos antivirus engine that provides the option to scan all inbound and outbound Web, e-mail, and FTP traffic for malware. Control also offers plug-ins for other commercial and open-source antivirus products.

"It's making some progress in the right direction," says Patrick Karr, IT Director for Triton Technical, which engineers audio-visual and IT systems for luxury yachts. The Seattle-based company is currently beta-testing Kerio Control, after having used the WinRoute firewall. He likes the integration of antivirus software with automatic updating, rather than having to depend on a third party to do it, and support for MAC-level filtering, which clients have asked for.

However, he says he would like the product to have more control over bandwidth allocation, such as by providing more than the single bandwidth limiter that the software currently offers. "The owners on board need to use all the network available to them, but the crew needs to be limited," he explains. "Right now, Kerio can't create multiple bandwidth limitations." Karr has to use a different set of products to do so, which increases costs.

UTM products typically target small and medium-size companies that need a variety of security features but can't afford to buy them separately or to operate individual products. Kerio faces stiff competition in the UTM space. Vendors such as Astaro, Check Point, Fortinet, SonicWall and WatchGuard all offer a variety of UTM appliances and software. Potential customers must also be aware that the performance of a UTM system can vary dramatically depending on the security features , signature sets and configuration of the product.

Kerio Control can be purchased as a Linux software appliance that runs on VMware, or a Windows application that can be installed on commodity hardware. It is available now for prices starting at $255 for a five-user license, with additional five-user packs for $120. There are no added fees for VPN clients, but there is an extra charge for antivirus support. It runs on 32-bit or 64-bit servers or workstations. VPN clients are available for Linux, Windows, and the Apple Macintosh.