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Kanwar J.S. Chadha, Entrada Networks

While interviews are normally conducted in person or over the phone, conflicting schedules often present problems for the traditional approach. In that vein, Byte and Switch recently exchanged emails with Kanwar J.S. ("Ken") Chadha, PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer of Entrada Networks (Nasdaq: ESAN) regarding Entradas strategy within the storage networking industry. Although less spontaneous than a personal tête-à-tête in which the interviewee may say more than he means to (alors!), the following exchange still provides a look into the mind of the man behind Entrada, and how he sees the industry.

Dr. Chadha has served as the President and CEO of Entrada since April 2000. He had previously been employed by Bell Labs, starting in 1973. While there he was the principal software designer for the AMPS trial system and was responsible for the development of various software systems. As a department head from August 1980 to January 1987, Dr. Chadha managed the development of cellular technologies, including the Merlin phone system, applications processors, and the System 25 PBX.

Dr. Chadha is also a founding member of ERPL Inc., a firm that develops embedded software systems, enterprise and manufacturing resource planning software systems, and business-to-business e-marketplace systems solutions.

Dr. Chadha holds a BE (Hons) in Electrical Engineering from Thapar Institute of Technology, Punjab, India; a MASc in Control Systems from the University of Toronto; and a PhD in Systems Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland.

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