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Kanguru Clone Debuts

MILLIS, Mass. -- Kanguru Solutions announces the release of the Kanguru Clone, a high speed, stand-alone Hard Drive Duplicator. The Kanguru Clone can copy hard drives quickly and easily, with SATA capabilities, all at an extremely affordable price.

The Kanguru Clone is the first and only duplicator of its kind! With SATA capabilities, it revolutionizes the way in which we use hard drives. Instead of having to manually copy each of your hard drives, the Clone allows you to clone multiple with the touch of a button! The speed offered by SATA allows for fast and efficient data transfer, boot process, and loading of programs and data. The Clone can make an exact copy of an entire hard drive in minutes!

In addition to making lightning fast copies of hard drives, the Kanguru Clone is easy to use and virtually maintenance free. Connectivity of SATA or IDE Drives (Both 2.5 and 3.5”) is completely hassle-free and along with a feature rich LCD, the process is a snap! To begin using the Clone, just attach your master drive and the blank drives, and then press the copy button. Additionally, adding and replacing hard drives is easier because of the hot-pluggable feature.

The versatility provided by the Kanguru Clone is endless, meeting all of your storage and backup needs. Kanguru offers two models of the Clone; sold to copy anywhere from 4 or 12 hard drives. The duplicator comes ready to copy both 2.5” and 3.5” drives using IDE connectivity, and with the option to add SATA. The Clone has a Resize function, which makes it capable of duplicating drives of varying capacities and brands. The Clone also shows its versatility in its stand-alone format, supporting all operating and file systems. As an added benefit, it has diagnostic tools for checking drive integrity to ensure that the Clone is only transferring high quality, top grade data onto the blank drives.

Kanguru Solutions