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Just when you think all is well...

I was coding on our apps and getting things hooked up to the web server when I noticed that all the descriptions for the widgets in our inventory tables in DB2 were truncated at 128 characters. Hmmm... You'd think I wouldn't mess with those tables but I did. And initially lost the entire inventory because of the reload. Luckily I tried again and had more success, so now our widgets will have the correct descriptions.
Steve's test of the UPS was successful, but I noticed that there are still some start up issues. Like Exchange doesn't start, even though all the services are "automatic" and when you start it manually, it's fine. WebSphere is the same way. I think it may be due to the order in which machines come back up. The ADS machine must be up and running before any other machine and if it isn't, these services fail. At least that's what it looks like.
So we'll have to figure out how to insure that the ADS machine comes up first.