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Jobs Report: Salaries Up For The Highly Skilled

Highly skilled IT workers are commanding ever-higher wages as the IT employment scene shifts to a more narrowly focused marketplace.

The Yoh Index of Technology Wages reported Monday that IT wages increased 3.1 percent overall in the fourth quarter of 2005 over the like quarter in the previous year.

"We're becoming a more and more narrowly-focused job economy," said Jim Lanzalotto, Yoh's Vice president of strategy and marketing, in an interview. "Employers are now saying, 'I need a specialist. I need a good CRM project manager with Siebel experience with 5 to 7 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry."

In the past, Lanazlotto noted, employers tended to issue requests for job candidates who tended to be generalists. "In the late 1990s, for instance, web masters were the rock stars of the time, but they were in an artificial bubble and their salaries dropped," he said.

He noted that specialists with experience in some high impact IT fields--he mentioned Oracle DB administrator and SAP functional consultants as examples – will be recession-resistant and able to command good salaries even in economic downturns.

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