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It's Good to Be #2

Special thanks to James Braja, Erik Dauplaise, Barry T. Drake, Gary Hoke, Tom King, Jim MacLachlan, Gregory Mamayek, Wayne Maurer, Matt McGhie, Bob Montante and Gregory Pleau.

What do you do with the squishy, shiny packing foam that protects your new PC in transit? If you get enough PCs, you make a squishy, shiny chair, complete with armrest cup holder.

That's exactly what Bryan Berns, a programmer in Wisconsin, did. We'll wager his design marvel will be the talk of the Packers' tailgate-party circuit this winter.

As they say, one man's packing refuse is another man's Wassily.

Looking to spice up your server naming routines? Tired of reading about the same industry luminaries? With a little help from the folks at Necrotic Obsession, you can generate alternate Goth names for your workstation, co-workers and even your cat. While we're not privy to the inner workings of this Goth Name Generator, we believe there may be some dark forces at work. How else can you explain how closely these Goth names match the originals?

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