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It's The Customer Confidence, Stupid!

Sometimes I wonder about the value of surveys. Yes, some of them are very useful (we've been known to utilize a couple ourselves), but often I find myself scratching my head at the results of some random poll thinking, "Well, duh."

Case in point, a recent survey in the U.K. polled more than 2,000 British consumers to determine if their trust in a company would be affected by data loss -- through theft, leakage, error, etc. Some 91% of those surveyed said they would prefer to do business with a company that had never had a data breach, rather than doing transactions with one that had.

Wow, I'm stunned. I would have thought that more people would love to gamble with their private information than that (I trust you're being mindful of the dripping sarcasm). And what about that leftover 9%? Was it comprised of mountain climbers, bungee jumpers, big game hunters, and other daredevils unafraid of a little data security risk?

And 75% of those polled went on to say they wouldn't trust a company they knew had experienced a data breach, and 79% said they would warn friends and family from doing any business with that company as well.

Really, does this come as a surprise to anyone? This isn't rocket science, folks, this is simple logic (or at least it should be): Lose the data, lose the trust, lose the customers -- and if you're not careful, the business.

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