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It's Been Quite a Week

Sorry that I haven't blogged since Tuesday, but it's been quite a week. I flew up to Seattle, then drove out to spend the day with Microsoft on Wednesday. There are a number of things we discussed that you'll be seeing in future blog posts and Network Computing articles, and a pretty cool podcast that I'm putting together on the topic of agressive responses to attacks--how (and whether) we enlist the help of law enforcement to try putting thieves and vandals in jail, rather than simply beefing up our defenses to keep them out.

The thing that I keep coming back to in discussions with companies (both vendors and users) is a profound change in the way wework with the "people" aspect of security. To this point we've heard more about the technology because, in many respects, technology is the easier problem to solve. Changing products is (relatively) easy; changing people's ingrained behavior is hard. Unfortunately, if we're going to make significant improvements in security, we're going to have to tackle the hard issues.