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Italy Makes SANs Sicuro

As Italy strives to make its famously bloated bureaucracy a bit simpler by putting a number of government services online, the country is turning to storage security startup Decru Inc. to ensure that its citizens' records remain safe and secure (see Italy Locks Down SAN With Decru).

The Italian government is working with telecom provider AGSM Telecomunicazioni to build a secure e-commerce infrastructure that will allow Italians to do everything from pay their taxes to order new electricity services over the Internet. While this initiative is bound to greatly improve communications among Italian city governments and the average uomo on the strada, it also poses a major threat to citizens' personal data.

AGSM Telecomunicazioni plans to make once difficult-to-access data easily available across a SAN. A wide range of applications will feed often highly sensitive information into the centralized SAN, increasing the availability of that data but also its exposure to data theft and unauthorized access to information like individuals' names, addresses, health records, and credit card and billing information.

"The Italian government wanted to move away from piles of paper to [allowing people] to do everything from paying taxes to enrolling their kids in school over the Web," says Joanna Shields, Decru's VP of Europe. "It was a pretty extensive project that they initially set aside because of security concerns... You can imagine the horror stories if someone got hold of this kind of data."

That's where Decru comes in, according to Marco Pissarello, manager of business development at AGSM Telecomunicazioni. Decru's storage security system "will ensure confidentiality of personal records and transactions, with the quality and reliability needed to support this initiative," he writes in an email.

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