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IT Morale at All-Time Low

FUDBust: Low IT morale is not surprising, given the slow economy of the past few years and the media's attention on overseas outsourcing. But IT isn't crashing down or moving to the other side of the world. There were incredible highs in the late 1990s, then painful lows with the dot-com bust. Now, business is picking up again. Eighty-one percent of IT managers say they've hired staff this year, and IT workers still earn more than most other employees with comparable experience, according to the Meta Group report. And, according to federal government data, U.S. employers are hiring in record numbers and average salaries are up.

Management shouldn't bear the full blame for bad morale, but it is responsible for helping to raise it. If your staff members are worried about massive layoffs, budget cuts and/or overseas outsourcing, reassure them. And push hiring approvals through as quickly as possible. This will ease the workload and stress on current employees, raising morale.