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IT Jobs--Why Apply?

No-Nonsense Boss

I take issue with Hunter Metatek's kind and gentle approach to remedying an employee's poor helpdesk performance ("You're Not Fired!" Jan. 20, 2005).

Although protecting your employees is commendable, you must act quickly on negative performance to protect your business, especially if your helpdesk serves both internal and external clients. If other departments within your organization receive bad information from the helpdesk, they will inevitably appear weaker to external customers, tarnishing the reputation of your company as a whole.

While money may be the major reason many American companies now send their technical helpdesk work to India, the superior professionalism and quality of the employee base there is also a significant factor. As for me, I'd rather deal with a tech support person in India and work through the language issues than deal with the current American version.

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