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IT Compensation Inches Back Up

IT salary and bonus levels last year reached a new peak, surpassing the previous high watermark set in 2001 during the height of the tech boom. The average IT manager made $99,000 and the average staffer $73,000, according to the National IT Salary Survey of more than 10,425 IT professionals by Network Computing and InformationWeek.

Salary growth in 2005 was slow--just 1 percent year over year. But factoring in bonuses, total compensation grew 3 percent for staff and 4 percent for managers. Managers got 8 percent of their total compensation through bonuses, the highest share since 2001.

For IT managers, the job functions that garner the largest comp packages are data mining/data warehouse, HR IT, Web infrastructure, ERP and enterprise application integration.

The lowest-paying positions are in networking, training and IT support, where median pay is 60 percent of that in the top-tier categories. Job titles matter too: IT staff with titles of architect, system architect, sales support engineer and project leader earn the most.

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