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The Issue With Terminal Server

One of the more general complaints about NT Server and then Windows 2000 was that you couldn't manage the system unless you were either in front of the computer or had a third-party remote control software package.

Well, I recently was re-introduced to Terminal Server. Phillip Stafford of EASE Consulting, New York City, brought it to my attention.

It had been so long that I quite frankly forgot about this new addition to the Windows arsenal. Phillip did a demo, and it was mighty impressive on his Windows 2003 Server.

So, I did some research and found out why I rejected the notion about using Windows Terminal Server when I first started using Windows 2000 Server. My clients weren't about to spend more money for software. According to Microsoft,
a Windows 2000 Server (With 10 Client Access Licenses) is $1,199; with 5 Client Access Licenses, it's $999.

How could I tell my clients that we needed to spend more money when they already owned a third-party package? Now, in all honesty, Terminal Server does work faster " I had my client mis-configured to work at Modem Speed, and I wasn't going crazy waiting. Terminal Server gives you uninterrupted control of sound, drives, ports and printers, all with a click of a switch.

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