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ISCSI Passes Its Midterm

The head of a testing group at the University of New Hampshire recently finished his seventh round of iSCSI interoperability tests and found devices from multiple vendors played together nicely in a no-frills network setting. Industrial-strength features will have to wait, though.

Stephen Schaeffer, iSCSI consortium manager at the UNH-InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), pronounced iSCSI poised for eventual widespread adoption.” Schaeffer’s group conducts iSCSI tests every six months or so.

“In previous plugfests, we found bugs in the standard itself as well as the vendors’ devices,” Schaeffer says. “This time there was no problem with the standard itself. ISCSI is a mature, ready-to-deploy technology.”

Would he have made that claim six months ago? “Yes, but I would’ve hesitated."

The recent tests included devices from:

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