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Iron Mountain: Never Sorry

To paraphrase the old saying, being Iron Mountain means never having to say you're sorry.

In the last couple of years, Iron Mountain often has made the news for the wrong reasons, while ditching responsibility as effectively as a Teflon-coated pan jettisons fried eggs.

Most recently, the company was accused of losing Social Security numbers and other data on thousands of Louisiana college students. It's also made dishonorable mentions in legal cases involving the State Fair of Texas and the Long Island Railroad (the last incident prompting calls for a Senate investigation). Then there were the fires in U.K. facilities a couple of years back.

We're not listing the myriad smaller press mentions of Iron Mountain in stories about tape loss, data mishandling, and security breaches.

Throughout it all, Iron Mountain has staunchly refused to own any blame. It's usually the user's fault for not encrypting tapes, the driver's fault for being a jerk who was subsequently fired, or the fault of a criminal element that has nothing to do with Iron Mountain.

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