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Iron Mountain Launches Cloud Archiving

BOSTON -- Iron Mountain Digital, the technology arm of Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) and the leading provider of Storage-as-a-Service (StaaS) for backup and archiving, today announced the addition of Virtual File Store service to its robust Digital Archiving and Storage-as-a-Service portfolio. The Virtual File Store solution is an enterprise-class, cloud-based storage archiving service designed to help companies reduce costs of storing and managing static data files. As companies search for cost-effective solutions to manage massive amounts of digital information, Iron Mountain Digital's Virtual File Store offers secure, long-term storage of inactive data at off-site data centers, greatly reducing the investment in an expensive on-site storage infrastructure and supporting regulatory and compliance initiatives.

"More than ever, companies are struggling to keep pace with rapid data growth and increased regulatory demand – often retaining enormous amounts of data 'just in case' they need it down the road," said John Clancy, president of Iron Mountain Digital. "Given that 50 to 60 percent of corporate data is inactive, storing all that data in-house is not a sustainable storage strategy for companies today that are faced with soaring storage costs and shrinking IT budgets. The enterprise-class Virtual File Store service directly addresses this problem by freeing up precious storage resources, while ensuring inactive data is secure and easily accessible."

Iron Mountain Inc.