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ioSafe Intros 3.5-in. Hard Drives

AUBURN, Calif. -- ioSafe Inc., a leading provider of disaster-proof hardware and disaster recovery services, has introduced the ioSafe(R) 3.5 series, the industry's first internal hard drive with disaster protection that offers computing systems - from PCs to servers - convenient, affordable, integrated data protection.

The ioSafe 3.5 drives are the first internal hard drives rated to protect data from fire and full immersion in water. They can be deployed and used exactly like any other industry-standard 3.5-inch disk drive, but with the added capability of disaster protection. The ioSafe 3.5 family extends the benefits of enterprise-level disaster protection to consumers, small businesses and remote offices, allowing them to secure their personal, financial and other data from unforeseen disasters without any other technology or hassle.

"The ioSafe 3.5 series represents an entirely new direction for the data storage industry," said Robb Moore, CEO of ioSafe. "What we're offering is versatility, simplicity and peace of mind. Almost any computer or storage device containing vulnerable yet critical data can now have the ease of disk storage combined with our data disaster protection technology and exclusive Disaster Recovery Service. From small home offices to the largest enterprise, anyone struggling with backup, disaster recovery, security and compliance should consider the benefits of ioSafe technology."

ioSafe Inc.