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The Introduction

A blog on a BlackBerry, well that's original, isn't it? Ok, it's not so original; Google reports over seven million hits for "blackberry blog". However I recently wrote a column on getting the thing, and received about ten times as many responses as I usually get. So why not, right?
Now, what's going to set this blog apart from the apparently millions of other blogs about BlackBerrys? Only time will tell ??? which usually means "probably not much"; but my situation is somewhat unusual. First off, I wasn't really sure I wanted the thing (see the column for details). Besides my whining about it potentially invading my private time, there's also the utility of the BlackBerry to consider. As one respondent put it, it's a worse cell phone than current cell phone and a worse email platform than your PC. Perhaps most concerning, there's my techno-addictive nature. I've had it for only two weeks now and have already been chided for playing BrickBreaker at inappropriate times. Please ??? do NOT write in to tell me about other games I can load onto this thing ??? one simple stupid game will suffice. There are other oddities about my situation stemming from choice of email platforms and how Network Computing uses (or rather avoids) our parent company's email system.
But I'll get into all that later. My plan, at least initially, is to share with you some of the best insights and most interesting thoughts that I've received from my original column. Hopefully, we'll continue that discussion here and maybe have a laugh along the way. To that end, I can recommend the following video. It's worth a look!