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Internet Advertising

Does your business advertise on the Net?

A couple of years ago, which for the lifecycle of the Internet is an eon, advertisers were plentiful. One could put up a Web page, and be sure to recoup their investment in the first quarter, if not even make money.

Every page was so chock full of ads, it was downright annoying. Pop-up ads, sliding ads, ads that talk, that blink, that, well just scream out at you and say "hey look at me! Can I be anymore annoying???"

Ads to the left of me, ads to the right of me! I must admit, I made a few bucks (and, unfortunately in my case, the term few really does sum up the amount of money I made!).

I'd really like to know if those companies advertising on the Internet today make money. I'd like to know if the companies that have the promotional deals are happy. You know, they go like this, generally: You put up our ad, and we'll track sales generated from your page. If we make money, you'll make a dribble.

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