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Intel's Email Maelstrom

5:59 PM -- Intel this week admitted that its records retention policies leave something to be desired as it struggles to find emails that may be critical to its legal battle with AMD.

The two firms are currently locked in an antitrust dispute, and emails look set to be the chip giant's achilles heel.

In a letter filed with the U.S. District Court of Delaware this week, Intel's lawyers admitted to a series of storage snafus that have hindered the firm's ability to track down certain emails. These include the loss of data on "recycled" backup tapes and inadequate email management.

As the letter explains: "[Some employees] failed to move emails from their sent box to their hard drive, and those sent items were purged by Intel's system of automatically deleting emails after they have aged a certain period of time."

Oh, dear. Could Intel be about to join Morgan Stanley in the document management hall of shame? The finance giant was famously slammed with a $15 million fine when it was unable to produce email evidence in court, underlining the importance of good archiving and records retention systems. (See A Fine Mess and Storage Goes to Law School.)

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