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Intel Boosts Cell Phone Chips, Touts WiMAX

Intel will take several steps this year to boost performance of cell phones and PDAs, releasing new memory and processors that are smaller and consume less power, Intel Executive Vice President Sean Maloney said Thursday.

Maloney also said the industry is poised to begin a rollout of WiMAX, the next-generation broadband network, in the first half of next year. The move ostensibly would bring wireless broadband access to regions where copper and cable have stalled.

In remarks at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Maloney, who runs Intel's Communications Group, said the company would begin shipping its first 90-nanometer NOR Flash by the third quarter of the year with samples out by April.

The smaller memory will use less power and provide more efficiency in handheld devices and will be less of a drain on devices as they tap into digital and streaming applications over the wireless, broadband network.

Maloney called it "classic Moore's Law," the theory that compute power will double and prices will drop substantially every 18 months.

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