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Insider: Email Archiving Hits Bottom

Email plays a big enough role in today's organizations that failure to manage it properly can literally bring down the house -- while archiving it effectively can boost success.

As this month's Byte and Switch Insider points out, email has become much more than a messaging service; it's also a repository for spreadsheets, videos, PDFs, and lots of unstructured text files.

What's more, the ability of email programs to organize information and interact with Web applications makes them vital to day-to-day operations. Email also now qualifies as an official type of business record, so failure to manage it properly could produce catastrophic losses of business function -- and even send someone to jail.

All this said, today's email programs, such as Microsoft Exchange, weren't designed for the tasks they're called on to perform. Unless IT pros implement effective archiving, email can overtake a server with files so large that the application topples, message data is corrupted, and response times on the corporate network are slowed.

The answer, according to the report, "Email Archiving: Who Does What," is to plan and implement effective email archiving. This calls for recognizing the value of investing in the right tools and techniques. The penalty for not putting in enough effort, or for treating email simply as another element to back up, can be, literally, disaster.

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